Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Bronze ohmnatural, tiger's eye gemstone pendant with brown & yellow stone.



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Due aumto aumthe aumCovid-19 aumoutbreak, aumshipments aummay aumbe aumdelayed. aumPendant aumis aummade aumwith aumbronze aumbrass aumwire aum& aumtiger's aumeye aumgemstone. aumMeasurements aumin aum2nd aumpicture.Delivered aumwith auman aumbrown aumor aumblack aumcotton aumwax aumcord.Handle aumwith aumcare.Colors aummay aumvary aumdue aumto aumyour aummonitor aumsettings.My aumwebsite aum:WWW.SEIDI-CLOTHING.COMWebshop: aumtime aumafter aumshipped aum( aumThere aumcan aumbe auma aumdelay aumfrom aum1-2 aumweeks aumduring aumDecember aum& aumJanuary aumbecause aumof aumthe aumholidays):europe: aum1-2 aumweeksoutside aumeurope: aum1-4 aumweeks.Packages aumare aumshipped aumat aumthe aumbuyers aumown aumrisk: aumso aumI'm aumnot aumresponsible aumfor aumlost, aumstolen aumor aumdamage aumitems, aumunless aumyou aumselect aumthe aumoption aumtracking aumnumber aumwhen aumyou aumcheckout.

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