Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

USA Flag and Eagle 1" glass cabochon pendant with crystal and glass beadsred white blue, set in a silver bezel with a 24" rolo chain



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Patriotic beaded necklaceUSA beaded necklaceFlag beaded necklaceand beaded necklaceEagle beaded necklace1" beaded necklaceglass beaded necklacecabochon beaded necklacependant beaded necklacewith beaded necklacecrystal beaded necklaceand beaded necklaceglass beaded necklacebeads, beaded necklaceset beaded necklacein beaded necklacea beaded necklacesilver beaded necklacebezel beaded necklacewith beaded necklacea beaded necklace24" beaded necklacerolo beaded necklacechain. beaded necklaceGlass beaded necklacebeads beaded necklacedangle beaded necklacebelow beaded necklacethe beaded necklacependant, beaded necklacea beaded necklacewhite beaded necklacestar, beaded necklacered beaded necklaceCzech beaded necklacecrystal beaded necklaceand beaded necklacea beaded necklaceblue beaded necklacebead.Avoid beaded necklacesubmerging beaded necklacethe beaded necklacependant beaded necklacein beaded necklacewater.Shipping beaded necklaceto beaded necklaceanywhere beaded necklacein beaded necklacethe beaded necklaceUSA beaded necklacevia beaded necklaceUSPS beaded necklacewith beaded necklaceDelivery beaded necklaceConfirmation.Made beaded necklacein beaded necklaceAmerica

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