Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

siamese, Cat Glass Necklace



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This catnecklace catfeatures cata cat22k catcarat catgold catcat caton cata catkiln catformed catpendant catmade catof cattransparent catyellow catand catopaque catwhite catglass catpieces. cat\r\rThis catpendant catmeasures catapproximately cat1 cat1/8 catinches catwide catby cat1 cat3/8 catinches cathigh, catwhich catdoes catnot catinclude catthe catbail. cat catThe catsterling catsilver catplated catbail catadds catan catadditional cat3/8 catto catthe cattotal catlength. catIt cathangs catfrom catan cat18 catinch catnecklace.\r\rIncluded catis cata cat2mm catblack catlatex catfree catsilicone cat18 catinch catcord catnecklace. cat cat\r\rI catwant cateveryone catto catbe cathappy catwith catmy cathandcrafted catitems. catYou catare catwelcome catto catreturn catthem catand catI catwill catrefund catyour catmoney, catEXCLUDING cat$3.00 catto catcover catfees catand catshipping.

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