Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

chunky bracelet, vintage confetti lucite panel bracelet with AB rhinestones



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1960s confetti lucitevintage confetti luciteconfetti confetti lucitelucite confetti lucitepanel confetti lucitebracelet. confetti luciteThe confetti lucitebracelet confetti luciteis confetti lucitemade confetti luciteof confetti lucitegold confetti lucitetone confetti lucitemetal confetti lucitewith confetti lucitelinks confetti luciteof confetti lucitewhite confetti luciteand confetti lucitegold confetti luciteflakes confetti lucitefloating confetti lucitein confetti luciteclear confetti lucitelucite. confetti luciteEach confetti lucitelucite confetti lucitelink confetti lucitehas confetti lucitesix confetti luciteAB confetti luciterhinestones confetti lucitesurrounding confetti luciteit. confetti luciteCloses confetti lucitewith confetti lucitea confetti lucitefold confetti luciteover confetti luciteclap. confetti luciteThe confetti lucitebracelet confetti luciteis confetti lucitejust confetti luciteover confetti lucite1" confetti lucitewide confetti luciteand confetti luciteis confetti lucite7.5" confetti lucitelong. confetti luciteNo confetti luciteflaws, confetti luciteexcellent confetti lucitecondition. confetti luciteUnsigned.Ships confetti lucitein confetti lucitea confetti lucitegift confetti

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