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mexican silver pin, Beto 1950's Mexican Nautilus Brooch in Sterling SILVER Pin



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This malachite broochis malachite broocha malachite broochfantastic, malachite broochsigned malachite broochBeto, malachite broochvintage malachite broochnautilus malachite broochshaped malachite broochpin malachite broochin malachite broochsterling malachite broochsilver malachite broochwith malachite broochinlay malachite broochof malachite broochgenuine malachite broochstone malachite broochand malachite broochshell!The malachite broochpoints malachite broochhave malachite broochabalone malachite broochshell malachite broochand malachite broochcenter malachite broochis malachite broochinlayed malachite broochwith malachite broochmalachite. malachite broochThe malachite broochpiece malachite broochis malachite broochfully malachite broochhallmarked malachite brooch"Beto, malachite broochHecho malachite broochen malachite broochMexico, malachite broochsterling, malachite brooch925 malachite broochTaxco\u201d malachite broochand malachite broochinitials malachite broochthat malachite broochlook malachite broochlike malachite broochCPC.It malachite broochmeasures malachite broochapproximately malachite brooch2 malachite brooch3/8" malachite broochx malachite brooch1 malachite brooch7/8".It malachite broochis malachite broochan malachite broochextraordinary malachite broochdesign malachite broochand malachite broochlooks malachite broochgreat malachite broochon malachite broocha malachite broochjacket. malachite broochCondition malachite broochis malachite broochvery malachite broochgood malachite broochalthough malachite broochthe malachite broochmalachite malachite broochhas malachite broochcracks. malachite broochIt malachite broochis malachite broochalso malachite broocha malachite broochsoft malachite broochmineral malachite broochwith malachite broocha malachite broochMohs malachite broochhardness malachite broochof malachite brooch3.5 malachite broochto malachite brooch4.0.A malachite broochhighly malachite broochcollectible malachite broochMexican malachite broochdesigner malachite broochpiece!

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