Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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TOODLEBUNNY vintage styleCollection\u00a0Vintage vintage stylegoldtone vintage stylespiral vintage stylecage vintage styleare vintage stylerepurposed vintage styleto vintage stylecreate vintage stylethese vintage stylelimited vintage styleedition vintage styleAmethyst vintage styledrop vintage styleearrings.\u00a0 vintage styleFaceted vintage stylediamond vintage styleshaped vintage styleamethyst vintage styledrops vintage styleare vintage stylewirewrapped vintage stylebelow, vintage stylehinges vintage stylefrom vintage stylelead vintage styleand vintage stylenickel vintage stylefree vintage stylegold vintage styleplated vintage styleleverback vintage styleearwires.\u00a0 vintage styleLimited vintage styleedition vintage styleof vintage stylethree vintage styleavailable.Length vintage style2.5"

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