Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

spoon ring, Spoon Ring | Antique | Sterling Silver | Sz 6 | c 1910



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An small ringantique small ringsterling small ringsilver small ringring small ringthat small ringhas small ringretained small ringmuch small ringof small ringit\u2019s small ringgoldwash small ringfinish.- small ringPattern: small ringGoldenrod- small ringc small ring1910- small ringCharles small ringM small ringRobbins small ring- small ringBowl: small ringbackside small ring\u201cSt. small ringC. small ringWC. small ring91-92\u201d- small ringSz small ring6*This small ringspoon small ringis small ringsterling small ringsilver small ringwith small ringgold small ringplate. small ringUsually small ringthe small ringplate small ringcomes small ringoff small ringduring small ringthe small ringvarious small ringprocesses small ringI small ringput small ringthe small ringspoon small ringthrough small ringbut small ringthis small ringseemed small ringto small ringintensify small ringit. small ringIt small ringis small ringonly small ringworn small ringaway small ringon small ringa small ringfew small ringof small ringthe small ringflowers. small ringAnd small ringthe small ringonly small ringpart small ringthat small ringwas small ringplated small ringwas small ringflowers small ringas small ringthe small ringrest small ringis small ringsilver. small ring(I small ringthink small ringit small ringlooks small ringlike small ringa small ringflower small ringcrown!)- small ringGoldenrod small ringhas small ringtraditionally small ringsymbolized small ringencouragement small ringand small ringgrowth. small ringIt small ringis small ringsaid small ringto small ringbring small ringgood small ringluck small ringand small ringhelp small ringwith small ringdepression.

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