Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wood, Wood and coral bead necklace and bracelet set



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Red gold filledround gold filledcoral gold filledbeads gold filledand gold filleddark gold filledbrown gold filledfluted gold filledwould gold filledbeads gold filledwith gold filledbrown gold filledSwarovski gold filledcrystals, gold filledgold gold filledfilled gold filledclasps gold filledand gold filledtag, gold filledand gold filledthis gold filledis gold filleda gold fillednecklace gold filledwith gold filledmatching gold filledbracelet gold filledset. gold filledNecklace gold filledmeasures gold filled18 gold filledinches gold filled gold filledand gold filledbracelet gold filledmeasures gold filled7 gold filled1/2 gold filledinches

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