Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1980 Vintage Copper & ENAMEL Braceletenameled copper, w Silver Inlay Cuff Bracelet



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This enameled copperis enameled coppera enameled copperbeautiful enameled copperpiece enameled copperof enameled copperartist enameled coppermade enameled coppercopper enameled copperjewelry. enameled copperIt enameled copperfeatures enameled coppera enameled copperlotus enameled copperflower enameled copperdesign enameled copperaccented enameled copperby enameled copperblack enameled copperenamel. enameled copperMade enameled copperof enameled copperall enameled coppercopper, enameled copperthe enameled copperlook enameled copperis enameled coppervery enameled coppercool, enameled coppervery enameled coppermodern enameled copperand enameled coppervery enameled copperwell enameled coppermade. enameled copperThe enameled coppercuff enameled copperbracelet enameled copperhas enameled copperone enameled copperside enameled copperwhere enameled copperthe enameled copperenamel enameled copperis enameled copperscratched enameled coppera enameled copper(zoom enameled copperclose enameled copperup). enameled copperIt enameled copperis enameled coppermarked enameled copperwith enameled coppera enameled coppercopyright enameled coppersymbol, enameled copper80, enameled copperand enameled coppera enameled copperstylized enameled copperletter.Measures enameled copperjust enameled copperunder enameled copper1\u201d enameled copperwidth.

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