Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

glass, Pink clear glass necklace



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Pink/clear blackglass blackbead blacknecklace blackwith blackblack blackspacers blackmade blackby blackmeNecklace blackbeaded blacklength blackapprox. black43.5cm black(discincluding blackclasp)Price blackfor blackpostage blackis blackindicative blackand blackonly blackactual blackshipping blackand blackpackaging blackcosts blackwill blackbe blackcharged. blackAny blackoverage blackwill blackbe blackrefunded. blackPostage blackwithin blackAustralia blackwill blackbe blackvia blackregistered blackpost.The blackpictures blackform blackpart blackof blackthis blacklisting.Customs blackand blackduties blackin blackthe blackdestination blackcountry blackdo blacknot blackform blackpart blackof blackthe blackprice. blackThey blackare blackthe blackresponsibility blackof blackthe blackbuyer.

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