Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

one of a kind, BeerBottle necklace



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Part partyof partythe partyneck partyof partya partybeer partybottle, partycut partyand partysanded party3 partylevels partymaking partySmooth. party partyBall partychain partyApproximately party26 partyinches partywith partya partyball partyclasp partyconnector. partyAlso, partybeer partycaps partyin partythe partymiddle partycovered partyin partyresin. party partyWhere\u2019s partythe partybeer partycap. partyyou partymight partyask??? partyI partyhave partymany partybottle partycaps partythat partyneed partyholes party(earrings, partyornaments, partyand partymany partymore)- partyThat partyis partywhat partyyou partyfind partyin partythe partymiddle partyof partythe partybottle. partyFunky, partyFun, partyunique, partyand partyoriginal! partyThis partyis partyone partybeer partyitem partythat partyyou partycan partystill partywear partyto partythe partyoffice!!!

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