Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hand stamped, Initial Disc With Colourful Beads -Stamped By Rawkette



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This hand stampedis hand stampedsuch hand stampeda hand stampedcute hand stampedand hand stampedsubtle hand stampednecklace. hand stampedAt hand stampedfirst hand stampedglance hand stampedyou hand stampedsee hand stampedthe hand stampedfun hand stampedcolourful hand stampedbeads, hand stampedand hand stampedif hand stampedyou hand stampedlook hand stampeda hand stampedlittle hand stampedcloser hand stampedyou hand stampednotice hand stampedthe hand stampedshimmering hand stampedsterling hand stampeddisc hand stampedthat hand stampedhas hand stampeda hand stampedspecial hand stampedletter hand stampedstamped hand stampedon hand stampedit. hand stampedYou hand stampedcan hand stampedalso hand stampedadd hand stampedextra hand stampeddiscs hand stampedwith hand stampedother hand stampedletters, hand stampedjust hand stampedsend hand stampedme hand stampeda hand stampedconvo hand stampedand hand stampedI hand stampedcan hand stampedarrange hand stampeda hand stampedcustom hand stampedlisting hand stampedfor hand stampedyou!The hand stampeddisc hand stampedmeasures hand stamped3/8" hand stampedand hand stampedis hand stampedjust hand stampeda hand stampedbit hand stampedbigger hand stampedthan hand stampedthe hand stampedbeads hand stampedthat hand stampedhang hand stampedfrom hand stampedthe hand stamped18" hand stampedchain. hand stampedYou hand stampedcan hand stampedhave hand stampedjust hand stampedabout hand stampedany hand stampedcolour hand stampedyou hand stampedwant hand stampedhanging hand stampedfrom hand stampedthis hand stampednecklace. hand stampedJust hand stampedlet hand stampedme hand stampedknow hand stampedin hand stampedmessage hand stampedto hand stampedseller:**colour hand stampedof hand stampedbeads**initial hand stampedstamped hand stampedon hand stampeddisc**lower hand stampedcase hand stampedor hand stampedupper hand stampedcase***If hand stampedyou hand stampedprefer hand stampeda hand stamped20" hand stampedchain, hand stampedplease hand stampedadd hand stampedthis hand stampedlisting:https://www./listing/87673060/upgrade-to-20-chain-sterling-silver-ballIf hand stampedyou hand stampedwould hand stampedlike hand stampedsomething hand stampedthat hand stampedyou hand stampeddon't hand stampedsee hand stampedin hand stampedmy hand stampedshop, hand stampedplease hand stampeddon't hand stampedhesitate hand stampedto hand stampedmessage hand stampedme, hand stampedI hand stampedlove hand stampednew hand stampedcustom hand stampedorders hand stampedand hand stampedcreating hand stampedone hand stampedof hand stampeda hand stampedkind hand stampedpieces hand stampedis hand stampedmy hand stampedfavourite!please hand stampedread hand stampedover hand stampedmy hand stampedshop hand stampedpolicies hand stampedBEFORE hand stampedordering.Thanks hand stampedfor hand stampedvisiting hand stampedRawkette!

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