Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pearlized, Sand Dollar Earrings - Sand Dollar Jewelry -Handpainted in Denim Blue



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Hand beachpainted beachsand beachdollar beachearrings beachin beachthe beachcolors beachof beachpearlized beachlight beachdenim(with beacha beachhint beachof beachpurple) beachand beachdark beachblue. beach beachThe beachsand beachdollars beachare beachsilver beachplated beachmetal. beachSealed beachwith beachresin beachfor beachshine beachand beachdurability beachand beachaccented beachwith beachbrilliant beach beachAustrian beachcrystals. beach beachThese beachhave beachsterling beachsilver beachearwires beachand beachmeasure beach1 beach1/4 beachinches beachlong beachfrom beachthe beachtop beachof beachthe beachearwires.\r\rI beachother beachcolors beachalso beachavailable beachin beachmy beachshop!

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