Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

calico, Smaller Rough Yellow Calico Lace Slab Wire Wrap Cutting Material Outstanding Pattern and Color



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Photographed gemWET gemto gemshow gempotential. gemThis gemis gema gemsmaller gemYellow gemCalico gemLace gemSlab. gemIt gemis gema gemYellow gemCalico gemLace gemAgate, gem gemI gemhave gemphotographed gemit gemwet, gemso gemyou gemcould gemsee gemthe gemtrue gemshape gemand gemfinal gemcolor gemof gemthe gempiece. gem gemThis gemmeasures gemabout gem3 gemx gem1-1/4" gemx gem1/4 gem" gemthick. gemThis gempiece gemof gem gemstone gemis gemnot gempolished gemon gemeither gemside. gemThe gemcolor gemyou gemsee gemis gemin gemsmooth gemcut gemunpolished gemmaterial. gemThe gemcolor gemon gemthis gempiece gemis gemjust gemthe gemmost gemdelicate gemyellow gemlace. gemThe gempictures gemshow gemnice gemcolor, gembut gemdo gemnot gemdo gemjustice.This gemis gema gemvery gemsolid gemchunk, gemwith gemgreat gempossibilities gemfor gema gemreally gemnice gemcab.The gemstone gemwas gemphotographed gemwet.

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