Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

dog portrait, Apricot Poodle Dog beaded Necklace Jewelry OOAK hand Painted Pendant



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One apricot poodleof apricot poodlea apricot poodlekind apricot poodlenecklace apricot poodlemade apricot poodlewith apricot poodlebeads apricot poodleand apricot poodlea apricot poodlehand apricot poodlepainted apricot poodleceramic apricot poodlependant.The apricot poodlenecklace apricot poodleis apricot poodle21' apricot poodleinches apricot poodlelong apricot poodleand apricot poodlethe apricot poodlependant apricot poodle2 apricot poodle1/2" apricot poodlex apricot poodle1 apricot poodle1/2" apricot poodleinches apricot poodlePlease apricot poodleemail apricot poodleme apricot poodleif apricot poodleyou apricot poodlehave apricot poodleany apricot poodlequestions. apricot poodleThanks apricot poodlefor apricot poodlelooking.

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