Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, 18 Ga Sterling Silver Bracelet Blanks For Cuffs or Bangles Stamping Or Etching FREE SHIPPING



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This customparticular customcuff customor custombangle customblank customis custom8" customlong customand custom1" customwide customand customis custom18 customgauge customsterling customsilver. customThis customwould custommake customan customaverage customsized customup customto customa customlarge customsized customcuff custombracelet. customStamp customyour customown customlettering,etch customor customstamp custompatterns custominto customit. customI customcan custommake customblanks customany customwidth,length customor customgauge customyou customwish. customSome customcustom customsizes custommay customtake customa customlittle customlonger customto custommake customthan customothers. customWhat customyou customsee customin customthe customfirst customphoto customis customwhat customyou customwill customreceive customand customit customis custom8" customlong customx custom1" customwide customand customis custom18 customgauge. customThis custompiece customcould customalso custombe customcut custominto customsquares,circles customor customwhat customever customyou customneed. customIf customyou customneed customa customspecial customsize customor customgauge customor customjust customhave customa customquestion, customplease customfeel customfree customto customask customme. customI customam customalso customoffering customfree customshipping customon customthis customblank customand customI customwill customalso custombe customadding custommore customblanks customas customtime customgoes customon. customMy customprice customincludes customfree customshipping customwithin customthe customcontinental customUnited customStates.

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