Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Tibetan/Antique Silver Clip on Lobster Clasp Charm Pendantcrafts, Leafcrafts, Wise Bonecrafts, Butterflycrafts, cute Catcrafts, Life Treecrafts, Tortoisecrafts, Pumpkin Carriage.....



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Brand charmNew charmTibetan/Antique charmSilver charmTone charmCharms charmwith charmLobster charmClasp, charm\u00a31.25 charmEach. charm12 charmDifferent charmDesign charmto charmChoose charmFrom.Finely charmMade charmand charmGood charmQuality. charmDesign charmfor charmBracelets, charmNecklace, charmCrafts...Great charmas charma charmlittle charmgift charmfor charma charmfriend, charmor charmas charma charmtreat charmfor charmyourself charm:)If charmyou charmwish charmto charmorder charmmore charmthan charm5 charmfor charmthe charmsame charmitem, charmplease charmcontact charmus charmfirst.Size charm(Charm charm+ charmLobster charmClasp):01. charmLucky charmLeaf charm(30x15mm)02. charmHalloween charmPumpkin charm(30x16mm)03. charmWish charmBone charm(19x15mm)04. charmFlying charmAngel charm(35x15mm)05. charmCrescent charmMoon charm(40x16mm)06. charmButterfly charm(30x16mm)07. charmHamsa charmHand charm(34x12mm)08. charmCute charmCat charm(38x17mm)09. charmMusic charmNote charm(38x13mm)10. charmLife charmTree charm(35x16mm)11. charmCute charmTortoise charm(34x12mm)12. charm3D charmPumpkin charmCarriage charm)25x9x4mm)Lobster charmClasp charmsize: charm12mmAll charmsize charmare charmapprox.If charmyou charmare charmhappy charmwith charmour charmproduct charmand charmservice, charmplease charmleave charmus charma charmfeedback, charmit charmwould charmbe charmreally charmhelpful charmfor charmus charmto charmoffer charma charmbetter charmservice!Please charmcontact charmus charmif charmyou charmhave charmany charmquestions charmor charmrequests!Thanks charmfor charmLooking!

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