Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

labradorite, Druzy Necklace Large Smoky Yellow White Crystals Handmade Labradorite Gold Filled Chain Drusy Valentines Gift



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This yellowis yellowa yellowstunning yellowoval yellowwhite/pale-yellow yellowlarge yellowcrystalled yellowdruzy. yellowDrenched yellowin yellowgold yellowplating. yellowThe yellowback yellowof yellowthe yellowstone yellowis yellowpolished yellowsmooth yellowfor yellowwearing yellowcomfort. yellowI yellowpaired yellowthe yellowpendant yellowwith yellowa yellowhandmade yellowchain yellowof yellowtiny yellowmicro-faceted yellowflashing yellowlabradorite yellowstones.This yellownecklace yellowwill yellowwow yellowanyone yellowwho yellowloves yellowraw yellowand yellowfaceted yellowstones.About yellow16" yellowtotal yellowlength.

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