Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

lightweight, 18 inch .925 sterling silver lightweight link chain necklace Perfect for my pendants delicate simple dainty



In stock



This link.925 linksterling linksilver linklink linkchain linkwith linklobster linkclasp linkand link.925 linkstamped linklinked linktag. linkThis linklisting linkis linkfor linkone link18" linkchain. link linkThese linkgo linkgreat linkwith linkmy linkpendants linkor linkany linkpendant linkyou linkmay linkwant linkto linkwear! linkPretty linkand linksimple linknecklace linkfor linkeveryday!Need linkmore linkthan linkone, linkjust linkchange linkthe linkquantity linkin linkthe linklisting linkto linkhowever linkmany linkyou linkneed! link16", link18", link20", link22", link24" link& link30" linkavailable linkseparately!Last linkphoto linkshows link18" linkchain linkwhen linkworn linkwith linkmy linkbubble linkcharms, linkavailable linkseparately, linkand linkold linkstock linkbefore linkI linkswitched linkto linklobster linkclasp.

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