Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold cat, Cat Necklace



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This goldpendant goldwas goldmade goldwith golda goldcombination goldof goldblack goldglass goldand golda goldvariety goldof goldcolored golddichroic goldglass. gold goldThe goldfocus goldof goldthe goldpendant goldis golda gold24k goldgold goldcat. gold gold\r\rThe goldpendant goldmeasures goldapproximately gold1 gold1/4 goldinch goldby gold1 gold3/8 goldinches, goldwhich goldexcludes goldthe goldmedium goldsize goldbail. gold goldThe goldbail goldis goldplated gold18 goldkarat goldgold. gold goldI goldalso goldhave goldthem goldin goldplated goldsterling goldsilver. gold goldI goldwill goldsend goldthe goldgold goldcolored goldone, goldunless goldbuyer goldspecifies goldthe goldsilver. gold gold gold gold\r\rIncluded goldis golda goldblack gold18 goldinch gold2mm goldlatex goldfree goldsilicone goldcord goldnecklace. gold gold(Ask goldabout goldthe goldavailability goldof golda golddifferent goldlength goldor goldleather goldcord.) gold gold\r\rMy goldjewelry goldis goldpresented goldin golda goldplastic goldprotective goldbag, goldwhich goldis goldattached goldto golda golddisplay goldcard.

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