Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

long gray necklace, Handmade Wirework Grey Graduated Glass Pearl Necklace



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This silvernecklace silverwas silvera silverlong silvertime silverin silverthe silvermaking. silver silverI've silverwalked silverpast silverthis silverset silverof silverbeads silverfor silvera silverlong silvertime silverwith silverno silveridea silverof silverwhat silverI silverwanted silverto silverdo. silver silverI silverfinally silvergot silverthe silveridea silverto silverwirework silverthem silverin silvera silverlarge silverto silversmall silverpattern. silver silver\r\rI silverhad silverenough silverbeads silverto silvermake silverthe silvernecklace silverextremely silverlong silverat silver25 silverinches. silverThe silverwire silveris silvera silvernon silvertarnishing silversilver silverartistic silverat silver20 silvergauge silverthickness. silver silverThe silverclasp silveris silversilver silverbutterfly silvertoggle silverclasp. silver silverA silversmall silverbutterfly silvercharm silverhangs silveroff silverthe silverback.\r\rI silverwill silvership silverthis silvernecklace silverout silverfirst silverclass silverin silvera silvergift silverbox. silver silverShipment silveris silvermade silversame silveror silvernext silverday silverafter silveryour silverpayment silveris silverreceived. silver silverThanks!

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